What does it take to sponsor a Made For This Sports and Arts Camp?

  1. We work with churches and missional communities to connect with kids in their neighborhood parks. The camps take place in a public space like a park or school.

  2. It costs about $10 per kid (a bit more the first year with purchasing equipment, less if you are able to partner with existing camps to share). We try to include a shirt.

  3. It takes about 6 passionate adults to plan and lead the camp, and we plan for a 1 adult to 3 kid ratio for the camp. You can do it with less, but we recommend, the more the merrier when it comes to serving. Invite friends who don’t go to church to help put the camp on.

  4. This camp experience is built to introduce kids to God and how much He loves them. It is not a Vacation Bible School for church kids, it is a true outreach for kids and families who do not come to church. We expect you to spend at least $200 in ads for social media to parents of kids in the immediate area surrounding the camp. If you need help setting this up send an email to robert@redemptionboise.org

  5. We believe in some specific things about the Bible and how to follow Jesus described here in the Lausanne Covenant. We expect you to be comfortable with this sort of a covenant.

  6. You’ll need to develop a way to deal with registrations and collect money. We love Planning Center and their registrations app because it puts the information right in our database, they offer a built in online payment module. We offer a waiver form on our website that you are free to repurpose for your camp.

  7. Send us an email and request access to our cloud folder with alot of great resources to put on your own Sports and Arts Camp