Made for This Camps

Our 3-day sports and arts camp is for:


Every child has a unique purpose in life and a place where they belong. We want to help them discover where they come from and why their life matters, through sports and arts in a fun exploratory environment.

What is Made For This?

3 Day Sports and Arts Camps

For kids aged 5-11,

To explore new skills and challenges in a fun environment, sponsored by local churches.


Our Camps

are designed to help your kid discover hidden talents, skills and passions as they explore different art disciplines and physical activities. Each day they explore a theme around their identity, their God-given desires, and their purpose in life. All of this play and learning helps them move beyond a lonely life of consumption to an abundant life of exploration, discovery and serving the people around us. Each camp is designed by a local church that loves kids and is passionate about child safety and protection.

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